Monday, June 27, 2011

And the big news is ....

You know when you have such exciting news and big changes, and you want to tell everyone you know?  That is how I have felt for the past two weeks.  Thus my absence from blogging.

There really has been a lot going on in my life, just nothing I could talk about yet.  But now I can!

 This past weekend, the hubby sent in his signed contract for a new job.  And we are now planning our move to ......

North Carolina!

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Our location will be in Wilson, NC.  If you look on the map above you will see it just northeast of Raleigh.  We are excited, nervous, and stressed all at once.  It really is a crazy feeling to know we are just going to pick up everything we own, and move 16 hours across the country.  We are very luckily to have very supportive families who are excited for us, and wanting to help.  That will make the move much easier.

All along we were hoping to end up somewhere in North Carolina.  While the hubby applied to jobs all across the country (literally), in the back of our heads we were thinking wouldn't North Carolina be great!  We know it will be an adjustment in many ways, but that is part of the adventure.  Wilson is a smaller town than I am used to, but there is plenty of shopping and restaurants to keep me happy.  Plus we will be less than an hour from Raleigh, which means we will be living a lot closer to a big city than we are now!

Right now we are in the middle of securing a place to live.  The plan right now is to move the last weekend in July so that we can be moved in and settled before the hubby starts his new job in early/middle August.  It is much harder trying to get a place without seeing it first, so this process is a little frustrating.  We do have a place in mind so keep us in your prayers that this place works out!

I can't wait to share more things with you all as we plan this move.  I promise I won't keep stuff a secret and disappear for this long again!

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