Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Fun

The hubby and I were looking forward to this past weekend for a while.

This is a fun story: For my birthday in September, he bought me tickets to one of our favorite artists, Joshua Radin.

I was so excited! We drove a few hours to St. Louis on a weeknight for the concert, not getting back until really late at night. The next day we were so dead tired, only to find out that day that Joshua Radin was coming to our current city in February. We laughed it off and agreed that we had to go again.

Well this weekend was the night of the concert, part two, and this time we were joined by some friends.

We started at the Heidelberg. It is a restaurant located in downtown Columbia, Missouri close to the University of Missouri campus. I absolutely loved this place! The food was pretty inexpensive and so delicious. I had a club sandwich with the warm German potato salad as a side, and the hubby got the fried pork loin. I failed to get pictures of the food (the pork loin was HUGE!) but the hubby did snap this picture.

Yes, that is a Missouri Tiger toilet ......

Anyways, after we headed into the Blue Note for the concert. The opening acts were really good. Lara Jansen was just amazing. I am a sucker for singer-songwriters just playing the piano. Her first album is coming out late March, so I am really looking forward to her stuff.

Cary Brothers was the other opening act (and yes that is correct grammar. He is a single musician- first name Cary, last name Brothers- not a group of brothers). He was pretty good, but I had mixed feelings about some of his songs. And of course we loved Joshua! His music is just so smooth and he has such a pure voice! It was a late night for old married couples like us, so we passed out when we got home.

Saturday was office clean-up day for me and studying for the hubby. That evening I did have a Mary Kay Makeover party to go to with some of my lovely friends. Scored some awesome goodies!

Sunday, we went to church and then out to eat at Cracker Barrel. I am not even sure the last time I have been there. Probably when I was really little! Of course I got breakfast - the Wholesome Breakfast Sampler. It has a yogurt, fruit, and granola parfait, 2 eggs, turkey sausage, and a huge muffin. And I mean Ginormous!

I couldn't finish it so I brought it home for breakfast this morning!

Finished off the weekend with some fun with friends and a little Super Mario Bros - we just can't get enough of that game.

Happy Monday and last day of February! Have a great week all!

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