Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moving Recaps: The Last Week and Goodbyes

Okay I am finally ready to share all the moving details.  Ready? Okay let's start with the last week in Missouri.

That Saturday our friends planned a fun get-together/ going away party.  We met up with some of our closest friends at one of the best local restaurants in Columbia, Flat Branch.

We had a great time just chatting and chowing down on some serious good food and drinks!

Afterwards we headed back to our friend's place and played some games, ate some dessert, and had a all-around good time.  Of course followed by a few tears and some goodbyes.

Although we were moving in less than a week, we went back to business as usual on Monday.  Both Nate and myself worked for the next couple days, and packed at night.  I had the company of a few friends helping me pack up my kitchen - and to go get yogoluv, only the best frozen yogurt place ever!

It really was overwhelming how much stuff I still had to pack so a much needed break was nice.  Still, even through the packing I don't think the idea of moving was really setting in.

That Wednesday was my last day of work.  I spent the whole week making sure to wrap things up and that the transition was organized and ready for the next person.  I literally worked hard until the very end.  Well actually until the last hour.  The ladies in my office had a going away party for me with cake and presents.
They gave me a cooler and bag full of snacks and drinks for the road.  Plus a pickle apron, a bracelet, and lots of other goodies.  It was bittersweet to leave.  I loved working there, despite all the frustrations, it was a great job.  However, I just focused on how exciting this new journey was going to be.  It was great to say goodbye to all my colleagues.  

Then later that night our normal Wednesday night bible study got together for a special steak dinner, plenty of laughs, and some pictures!

We spent the rest of the week getting all our stuff in order and ready to move on Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up ready to go drop off our cable stuff and to pick up our truck.  Our friends showed up ready to go.  Like champs they got the truck stacked and packed in two hours.  We breaked for some Jimmy John's subs then finished cleaning up.  Lots of hugs and see-you-soon's were tossed around before Nate in the truck and me in my car, took off.

We only had a small 3 hour drive over to his parent's house in southern Illinois, with a short dinner stop at his aunt's along the way.  At his parent's place we rested up that evening and the next day for our long journey to North Carolina.

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