Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving Recaps: Our New Place

Just to review a bit:
The drive across Tenneesse
Our last week in Missouri

Tuesday morning we decided to sleep in a bit.  That way we could miss rush hour traffic, plus get some much needed rest.  Our caravan of the moving truck with the car dolly, my car, and my parent's SUV took off north for our new town.

It was only about 4 hours there.  We picked up the keys from the rental place and arrived at our new house!

The unloading was pretty quick and painless thanks to help from our parents.  Soon the truck was out of our driveway and we were getting things out of boxes and set up.

Here is a little tour of our place.  We have a nice two bedroom duplex.

The outside.

Through the front door into the living room. There is nice crown molding and a chair rail.

Past the living room is the kitchen
Much bigger kitchen with lots of cabinet space.
Laundry is through the double doors and a pantry in the single door.
There is an eat-in kitchen with a door to the back patio.
We have a nice big backyard.
And the back patio (don't mind the recycling - we had a lot of boxes!)
There is even a decent sized storage shed attached to the house.
Hallway (living room on the left, extra bedroom ahead, master bedroom directly behind the camera)
Hall bathroom is off to the right side.
Master Bedroom
Guest Bedroom/Office
So there it is! Please don't judge me on the clutter.  Those pictures were taken that first week we were there and not everything has a spot yet. Heck, things still don't all have a spot.  I still have two boxes in my kitchen and all my home decor sitting on the ground in the living room.

It is a work in progress right now and when it is all cleaned up and put together I can show you the final project!

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