Thursday, September 1, 2011

My favorite man in glasses

Is my husband.

My second favorite is Harry Potter.

I mentioned before that the recent Harry Potter movie was my most anticipated movie of the summer.  That might have been a bit of an understatement.  I am completely obsessed.

Although I didn't go to the midnight showing (and believe me I would have if I was still in college and not a working girl with work at 8am), we had some major festivities planned.  This is what my schedule for that weekend looked like:

Thursday - HP 1
Friday - HP 1& 2
Saturday - HP 3, 5, & 5
Sunday - HP 6 & 7:Part I. Then the new and final (tear!) that night

Yes, I spent my entire weekend watching Harry Potter movies with my dear friend who is as crazy as I am.  It was a perfect tribute to the end of an era.  Harry Potter was my obsession for that entire week. I must admit I was also reading the last book.  The husband even told me that there was another man in our marriage named Harry.  Sigh...

Well enough emotions about Harry.  The reason I bring this all up now is because I found two very awesome Harry Potter things in the past few days.

First, these amazing shirts from Dream A Little More

Anyone is who looking to get me a birthday present should take note!

Second, a Harry Potter Facts tumblr.  I have spent a little too much time looking at these, but in my defense they are so interesting!
That last two are for my hubby!

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