Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Update

Life has been flying by recently! A quick update on what is going on in the life of the Pickels.

1. I celebrated my 23rd birthday and my older sister celebrated her 30th birthday on September 16th.  We love sharing a birthday but was disappointed because this year we couldn't celebrate together.  Overall it was a nice, quiet low-key day.  As I get older I find that birthdays aren't as exciting as they once were.  All I wanted was to spend time with my husband and puppy, and that is exactly what I got!

2. My GRE is over!  It was exhausting but was surprised how well I did.  After the test I got a score range which was excellent! So thankful all my studying paid off!

3. On the birthday I had an interview, and the next week I was offered a position! Yes, I am going to be a working girl.  My first day is planned for this Friday and I am so excited about the position and the work I am going to be doing.

4. Last weekend I traveled with my parents and younger sister up to Cleveland for my cousins wedding. It was a blast! I hadn't seen many people in over a year since we missed Christmas, so I was wonderful to catch up with all my family.  Plus the bride and the wedding were beautiful! I am so happy for them!

5. I have been very preoccupied this week trying to get my NC registration and license plates before my Missouri ones expire at the end of the month.  The process is extremely frustrating and at this point I am praying I can get everything done this week before I start work.

6. The puppy is doing well and feeling much better.  She is starting to respond better to responds and we are working on some simple training.

7. We finally met some neighbors.  They have some dogs too, which is how we met them.  Although the dogs are older, Lyla still likes playing and I like finding some friends to talk to out here.

8. Still church searching, nothing really stands out yet.

9. I have lost over 30 lbs.  It has been nice to get compliments from those that have noticed, especially those that haven't seen me in a while.  The past two weeks I have been stalled, but with traveling and my birthday it was expected.  Overall, I was in my birthday weight loss goal and only 2 lbs away from the low weight in the range.  I call that a success, and now I am ready to set new goals for myself.

That was a quick update for those wondering what I going on.  Hopefully I can share some pictures soon from the wedding or talk in more details

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  1. I am so happy that you guys are doing so well. I miss you like crazy. I know that I am not great at keeping in touch! I miss your sweet smile and your easy way! I am so proud of you for losing weight! I have gained about 15 lbs since coming off the medicines!! UGH!!! Hope you are enjoying your job!