Thursday, September 15, 2011

My little sick puppy

Today is another study day for me.  Four days to freedom. I have the countdown going!

This week has been a little more challenging taking care of the puppy, partly because she has been sick.  We took her to a vet for an initial visit and to check on a cough she has developed over the past couple days.  For the first couple days we had her, she had a runny nose.  A few days ago she started coughing pretty bad.  So we made sure to get her to the vet as soon as we can.  What can I say - I am a paranoid new puppy mommy.

The vet said she looked really well with the exception of the cough.  She weighted 11 lbs and we found out she was slightly older than we thought.  According to her teeth, she is more like 16 weeks old.  As for the cough, the vet said it was kennel cough that she probably picked up from the dogs at the other rescue (we were warned of some upper respiratory problems going on there).  I was a little scared because of all the stuff you can read on the internet about kennel cough, but I am thankful we brought her in when we did.  They prescribed some anti-biotics and cough suppressants.  When I took her home she was acting even more sick.  She vomited a few times and was very pathetic.  I spent all day cleaning up after her messes and holding soothing her.

She has been sleeping for a decent amount of time during the day.  It is hilarious the places she finds to curl up. I love seeing her so peaceful and silly at the same time.

Yesterday she began to act more like herself.  It is so great to have her back to feeling better.

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