Thursday, September 8, 2011

New addition to our family!

Nope not a baby...

A little cute puppy! Meet Lyla

She is our little baby girl, a spaniel/collie mix. We brought her home on Sunday and since then so much of my time has been consumed with puppy sitting.  Although being quite the handful at times, she is so sweet and loving.

We have pretty much been talking about getting a puppy for years now, probably since we first started dating.  Both of us just love dogs, and new that we wanted to have one of our own.  For too long we put it off, making excuses about the wedding and money.  Once we made this move we were determined to get one, but a little timid about making the plunge.  I think we are just so cautious we could have found excuses forever, but when I saw this picture on a rescue's facebook page I knew I wanted her.
We visited her foster home on Sunday and filled out the adoption paperwork and took her home then.  Since then we have only fallen in love with her.  Who can resist that face?
Not these proud parents!

Some days I still can't believe we finally got a puppy.  Really we lucked out because she is pretty well potty trained already and sleeps through the night.  There have only been a few accidents.  We just have to deal with some typical puppy chewing and mischievousness.

Every day more of her personality comes through and I am kinda glad that I have the time to stay home with her for a bit.  I am still doing serious job searching, but it has been good for me to be here for her.

I can't stop taking pictures and videos of her.  We are obsessed and I am not embarrassed.

Believe me I will be sharing more!

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