Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding Recaps: Setup, Relaxing, and Rehearsing

I started the first of my wedding recaps yesterday.  In case you missed it:

We started off our adventure a little rocky...

That evening after we got into Columbus I was completely drained, from the stress, traveling, and the crying.  Plus add to that stress trying to pick up a friend from the airport and her boyfriend that I didn't even want to come to the wedding.  We planned to go back down to campus to check out the new student union and eat at one of my favorite Greek restaurants in Columbus.

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Unfortunately the union closed 5 minutes after we got there and we were kicked out, and my favorite Greek restaurant was no longer there.  The night concluded with my friend telling me, although she promised we could share a room that night and her boyfriend would just deal on the couch,  I couldn't stay there because he wasn't okay with it.  It was truly one of the worst days ever and I was so ready to just fall asleep.

On the second day, I was well-rested after splurging and getting a hotel room all to myself.  All the drama of the day before was over and we were ready for a fresh start.

After some much need Tim Horton's Breakfast (ohhh how I miss Tim Horton's out here in Missouri!) we got started on setting up the hall.  I had fun bossing everyone around and telling them what needed to be done.  Although worried I might sound like a Bridezilla, I was finally starting to feel like a bride about to be married.  Some company joined me to pick up our flowers, and the florist surprised me that she was able to get my calla lilies (side note: The week before the wedding she told me that she was going to have to raise the final price of my flowers to get everything I asked for, and I reluctantly had to chose to cut calla lilies out of my bouquet).

While I got everyone making centerpieces and decorating the hall, my bridesmaids took me out for some pampering.  I never get manicures so it was really fun.  We drank wine, gossiped, and just relaxed.  My french manicure turned out beautiful!

The girls got back in just enough time to run to the rehearsal.  Honestly it lasted like 5 minutes and I don't even remember practicing much of anything.

I think I was too excited to get to our rehearsal dinner at Dave and Buster's.  My in-laws did an amazing job with the rehearsal dinner.  Food was delicious, decor was cute, and everyone had a good time playing games and chatting!  We only interrupted the fun briefly to hand out gifts to our parents and wedding party, and then promptly resumed the fun.

Our parents even worked together to make a collage of pictures of us.  It was too cute and funny to see our childhood pictures!  Over the years we have rocked some pretty cool hair styles and fashion.

Afterwards, we went back to the on-site hotel pub to have some drinks and play some games.  Nate and I said good night to each other before the girls and boys split up.  Although I can't say for sure what the boys did, the girls had a relaxing night chatting and maybe opening up a few bachelorette gifts!

I went to sleep excited and ready for my exciting day to come!

Hope you all have a great weekend and Fourth of July!  We will for sure be celebrating!

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