Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apartment Tour: Our Humble Place Part II

I started giving a tour of our Columbia apartment here.

The rest is definitely less exciting.  We concentrated on decorating and filling up the common areas the people would see the most - i.e. the living room and the kitchen.

The only thing we have done with the bedroom is get a new comforter and sheets with wedding gift money.  I have many ideas for art and decor in the bedroom but just have not gotten around to it.  The bedrooms in our apartment are pretty spacious and have nice size closets, which we fill out pretty well.

Our bathroom did get some updates thanks to wedding presents and money, but honestly there isn't much to do with it right now.

Then down the hall we have another guest bathroom and a second bedroom.

The second bedroom used to be part office, part guest bedroom.  

But now it has turned into part office, part storage.  It even has the same size closet as the main bedroom which we use part for the rest of the hubby's clothes, and the other half for all kinds of crap - Christmas decor, empty boxes, ice cream maker, wrapping paper and bags, and camping equipment.

This permanent storage room is due to the fact we had some issues with water in the room.

Story Time!

The in-laws were coming into town to visit us for a few days.  Since we had a guest queen bed and a blow up mattress, we figured they would be fine to stay here.  It had been a busy week, so I decided to take off work to get the place cleaned up before they got there.  In the warm months we have tons of spiders that get into our apartment.  Sometimes it is so bad I don't want to leave anything on the floor for more than a minute- afraid a spider would have already made a home there.  This said, I was very afraid to move the mattress that was pushed up next to the wall.  I waited until the hubby got home to help me.  When we finally got around to doing it we were in for a big surprise.

There wasn't any spiders, but stinky mold all along the sides of the wall and a soaking wet carpet.  As soon as we moved the mattress the entire place just stunk.  I immediately called the management company and they sent someone over right away.  They put fans out to dry it up over the weekend and said they would be back on Monday to fix the problem.

The in-laws still wanted to come, so they bought a queen air mattress and set up a make-shift bedroom in the dining area.  It was a bit cramped, but we still had a good weekend.

It took over a week to get everything taken care of, and the only real damage was to a small section on an older dresser I want to get rid of anyways.  We never really figured out what it was that caused all the water to come in through the floor.  On the day they finished up cleaning the mattresses, I went into the room to check on what they did and got dripped on from the ceiling.  The apartment above us had their water heater go out and water was dripping into our apartment.

Needless to say, that room is not getting set back up and will just be storage until we move out!

So that is it, the lovely place we call home.  It isn't huge, or modern.  It has cracks, could use some repairs, and needs updating badly.  However, we don't spend a whole lot of time there much with work and friends taking up a lot of our time.  Plus the rent is awesome!  Sure there is a lot I would change, but it is our first home/apartment together and it has special meaning to me!

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