Thursday, April 14, 2011

No bun in the oven yet

Just because I don't feel well does not mean I am preggo.  Seriously, I am tired of everyone assuming that.  it is not funny. Yes, I am married and a fertile 20-something year old, but that does not mean I even want to be pregnant.  However, people feel the need to continuously remind me that now that I am married I should be pregnant.

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It all started before I was even married, at my bridal shower.  My sisters and aunt hosted a beautiful shower for me.  So many people showed up and my future mother-in-law and future aunt drove with me up to Cleveland.  I had an amazing time and just felt so loved by everyone there.  That is until the baby jokes started.

"Ahhh she broke a ribbon. You know what that means ... (wink, wink)"

"Let's save the pink wrapping paper so we don't need to get more for the baby shower."

I was mortified.  Really, I am not even married yet and the baby talk has already begun?

Since then I get it every once in a while from different people.

"Oh you aren't feeling well.  You're not pregnant are you?"

And even one ballsy co-worker told me "If you weren't ready for children, why did you get married?" (Although that man is a head case anyways and I have learned to ignore him.)

I don't get why people think I need to rush into having a baby.  We were only married 9 months ago.  The hubby isn't even done with his Masters program yet.  We don't have a permanent location and are looking to re-locate soon.  I am still planning on going back to school for my masters.  Not to mention I am only 22 years old!  It's not even like I am getting old and my "clock" is ticking.

I see friends and co-workers with kids, and I just laugh at them and all the crap they have to put up with.  They no longer have lives outside of their children.  I am not ready to give up my life.

There are so many things I want to do with my life that I don't want the responsibility of being a mom.
- I want to be able to take vacations to where ever we want.
- I want to spontaneousness go to the movies or a softball game
- I want random week night date nights with my husband
- I want to be able to drive around and go shopping by myself
- I want to have a career not does not include being a "stay-at-home mom"
- I want to be able to sleep in as late as I want on the weekends
- I want to spend my money on clothes and shoes (not on diapers and formula)

This is not saying that I don't want kids ever.  We do very much so.  I just don't understand why we need to rush it.  Right now we are aiming for a puppy and that is it!

So this is your warning.  When I am sick and not feeling well for a few days, shut your mouth and don't mention babies.  Or else I might break out my moves from BodyCombat class.  It may just be a sinus infection, allergies, or stress.  No babies!

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