Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Blues

At the end of the weekend you should feel refreshed, especially after a good weekend.

That is not how I feel today.  I was dreading the end of Sunday knowing that I had to be back to work today.  It is so hard feeling motivated at your job when you can see the end in sight.  Also, I have been feeling very anxious about changes possibly coming soon, and where it will take us.  My emotions are definitely getting out of control lately and today I just feel ughhhh.

To get me through the day, I just try to think of the great stuff that is going on in my life.

A beautiful weekend which I had the window open all day long, reaching highs of 87!

A fun game night with wonderful friends and yummy food.

(Not taken this weekend because I was kicking butt at Funglish)

A hard two-hour workout, the most I have done yet, and knowing I can continue to push myself farther toward my goals.

Fitting better into a pair of pants that didn't fit last summer.

A late Sunday run downtown to Yogoluv - my new obsession

Knowing that I have the most supportive and loving husband.

And looking through wedding photos all day - reminding me of how dreamy that day was, and how I get to live every day of my life with that man.
(Chris Aram Photography)

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