Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

So the end of last week was kind of a fail.  I was so exhausted and just did not feel like blogging.  Oh well, I am sure you dealt.  It was just one of those weeks that was busy at work and felt like an emotional roller coaster with other things happen in my life.  Things will be getting crazy soon, but hopefully in a good way.  Which is why I took a few days off of blogging.

I started the weekend a little early playing hooky from work.  Yeah, I am a bad girl.  In all fairness, I have paid time off days I can use for anything I want, but to be truthful I wasn't feeling great.  I just wanted to sleep.  My boss seemed okay with it, but I still felt nervous like I am skipping out on school or something.  I was like Ferris Bueller, having to put on a show to prove I was not feeling well.

Regardless, it was nice to have the day off.  I didn't do anything worth mentioning during the day.  Just hanging out and cleaning the house.  When the hubby got home in the evening we had a quick dinner, and then went to the movies.  We saw The Lincoln Lawyer, which was excellent.  Some of the best acting I have seen Matthew McConaughey do in a while.

Saturday was an eventful day.  First on the agenda was a haircut.  I am one of those people that let my hair grow so much that it all of a sudden hits me that my hair is too unmanageable and I must cut it all off immediately.  Lucky for me, my hair salon is good about getting me in last minute.

Check out my "before" pictures.  This is probably the longest my hair has been in 4 years.

The hubby just couldn't resist getting in on this mini photo shoot.

And the "after" pictures.  I am in love with it!  I do prefer the shorter hair.  The maintenance is so much easier for my thick, full head of hair, and I think it has more style and personality.  I was a little more adventurous and let her cut it shorter in the back.  I think it turned out great!

Next, the hubby and I grabbed some leftover for lunch before going to the Missouri women's softball team game versus Texas A&M.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and I was excited to get some color on my pale skim.  Though, I might have gotten too much.  I am still feeling the pain from the burn on my back.  

After the game, we finally made it out to Lowe's.  I have been wanting some herb pots for my kitchen for what seems like years now.  Especially since we have been making the effort to cook fresh food, I like to use fresh herbs especially cilantro in my Mexican dishes.  Loewe's had some great pots, and I ended up with these yellow and green ones to compliment the colors in my kitchen.  For the herbs I got cilantro, basil, and oregano, which I think I would use the most.  They look so cute on my kitchen windowsill.

All the excitement of the day was really starting to wear on me.  I also blame it on the fact that on the weekends I don't drink as much water, and am probably am dehydrated.  I spent the rest of the evening in bed being a bum.

Sunday was church, as always, and then to the gym and grocery store.  Again, I started to feel like I was having a sinus infection or a fever.  Either way I spent a good portion of the afternoon/early evening in bed trying to find a comfortable position that didn't bother my sunburn.  Around dinner I was feeling better so the hubby took me out to eat so I didn't have to cook.  Our favorite Mexican restaurant was a good way to wrap up the night, and there is nothing like a Margarita to break a fever!

Going back to work was hard this week, but the end is in sight.  I can see it!

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