Friday, May 13, 2011

Blonde and Beautiful!

Dang these allergies.  At least I am hoping it is just allergies.  All day long I have been congested, scratchy throat, swollen cheeks and jaw, and my head feels inflated.  I hope it is just allergies because Lord help me if it is a cold.  For me, colds are miserable.  Usually I don't get very sick.  Never really had strep or the flu.   However I get horrible colds - like two weeks long, using boxes and boxes of tissues, loading up on NyQuil.  It isn't pretty.  The last time I got a bad cold like this was this past Christmas.  Look how miserable we look:

Actually the hubby looks worse than I did, but I wanted to take a picture since it was our first married Christmas together. Oh, the memories.  We ended up getting the rest of in-laws sick.

Now you get why I welcome allergies.

Besides the nasty pollen in the air, this week we welcome some gorgeous weather.  Living in the Midwest definitely can be a weather rollercoaster.  More and more it seems like we skip over spring, and go straight from winter to hot, summer.  I blame it on global climate change (not global warming).  You may disagree but I totally believe that our actions are having a negative impact on the environment and causing more extreme weather.

Anyways back to my point.  It has been feeling like summer around here.  Summer makes me think of barbecues, tans, and blonde hair.  Yes, blonde hair.  There is something about the bright sun that makes me want to get my hair back to its original color.  Although I try to cover it up, I am a blonde.

This is as close to my natural hair color that I could find since I don't have access to my non-digital photos.

I was born with strawberry blonde hair and at many time in my childhood had super super blonde hair (mostly in the summer).  Around my senior year of high school I started dying my hair.  It started out just going a little red and darker blonde, and then I went really dark.

Man, was my hair long.  Throughout college up to the present, as soon as my hair would start to show signs of blonde, I covered it back up.  There was a time a few summers back where I tried to go lighter, but I soon learned that you can't go from brown to blonde by using a box at home.

That may be what is keeping me back from going blonde again.

But when the sun comes out, I want to have glowing radiant hair too.  Like Kristin Cavallari

(Google Images)
Or Reese Witherspoon.  She is just adorable!

(Google Images)

I know that it will probably take some investing at a salon to get my hair blonde again.  Or I could just wait for it to grow out.  Knowing me though, I would probably change my mind before it grew out.

However I am still undecided.  Suggestions?

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