Thursday, May 19, 2011

You know you want to buy me some shoes ...

Saving money is so difficult.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have to pay bills and student loans.  I wish I could buy shoes and books and whatever else my heart desires.  No body tells you that when you grow up you make more money, but that you don't get to use most of that money.

Well here is a little list of the things I have been restraining myself to buy.

Or pretty much any of the classic Tom's shoes.  I have been dying for a pair of these for a while now.  Almost got some the other day but the hubby talked some sense into me.  But I think they are just adorable and I love the whole idea behind it!

This Rocco DiSpirito CookBook
I have tried one of his recipes before and was amazing.  It was a light mac n cheese and it was just as good as the full fat version.  The reviews look great for this book and I think I would love his recipes.

Tina Fey's New Autobiography
This woman is crazy, funny.  I have loved everything she has done.  If you read the excerpts from this book, you will know why I can't wait to read it.

I love my reusable grocery bags, but still feel so wasteful with those plastic produce bags.  Plus it might make me want to try going to the Farmers Market again.

I could use a new dress from Delia's since I have weddings to go to this summer.

Although I don't really need an excuse for another dress.  I have really been digging dresses lately.

But, if I get the dress I will also need some new sunglasses.

However, if I don't get the dress, I think I still need the sunglasses anyways.  Oh and they are only $6.  You can't beat that.  I pretty much only like getting my sunglasses from Forever 21 because all the other ones break on me (and I may be a little cheap thrifty).  It's a little suspicious that the $6 sunglasses last longer than the expensive ones...  Too bad for me CoMo doesn't have a Forever 21.

And I want this little girl
Some day of course! Can't resist sassy little girls in big sunglasses.

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