Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation, Dessert, and Other Happiness

Hi all!

I bet you have been wondering what has been going on with the Pickel's lately.

Lots actually.  We have been busy, busy, busy.

First of all, my dear hubby graduated from college last weekend.  He officially has his Master's Degree and is done with school, forever!

Okay I cheated.  That is a picture from his undergraduate graduation at Ohio State.  But in my defense he didn't walk at graduation this time but I still wanted to post a graduation picture.  Who wants to sit at a graduation ceremony on a Friday night?  Not these people.  Instead he celebrated by hanging out with some fellow grads, eating yummy food, and visits from parents.

On Saturday, Nate's parents stopped by for a quick trip.  And by quick I mean less than 24 hours.  They were on their way back from his sister's Junior College National Tennis Tournament in Arizona, and decided to take a detour to Columbia to congratulate the hubby on his graduation.  We had a nice evening of a home cooked meal, lots of stories from their vacations, pictures of the Grand Canyon, souvenir presents, yummy dessert, and our favorite card game, Monopoly deal.

This is the dessert I made for the occasion.

No I didn't get really great at taking pictures of a sudden (But mine looked similar except I may have drizzled a little more chocolate on than suggested).  That is the picture from The Kitchen and check out the link to see how easy this recipe was!  Seriously, it was easy and so very delicious.  We definitely had seconds.

Sunday we had church, followed by a yummy dinner out to D. Rowe's.  If you have been to Columbia, Missouri and have not eaten at this place, you are crazy!  Best baked potatoes you will ever have in your life. No joke!  The portions are big enough you can get at least 2 meals out of it, 3 if you can actually exercise some self control and eat normal portion sizes.  Then we watched some of the Cardinals game before they headed home.  It was fast, but nice to see them again.

I somehow managed to make it out of the weekend without dying.  Remember those allergies I was talking about?  Yeah they only got worse over the weekend.  I polished off over one full box of tissues, and consumed I don't remember how many pills.  However, I am glad to report that I woke up Monday morning feeling very alive and could breathe (which let me tell you - trying to consume that D. Rowe's baked potato was pretty hard when you can't breathe).

Work has calmed down after a busy few weeks.  Another confession - I tend to blog at work, which is why the frequency in my posts decreased as my work load increased.  True story.  So the end of the semester brought with it all kinds of stuff to finish up at work.  Now I am getting into the summer, which is absolutely dead around here.  While we usually have a few summer classes, even those enrollments are down.  At least this time last year I was planning a wedding, honeymoon, and second honeymoon.  Now I am not sure what I will do all day!

Therefore, I am offering up my services as a free wedding planner/ wedding consultant.  Need ideas? Need a timeline? Need help choosing music for the ceremony? I am your woman! Just kidding ... kinda ... but not really.  I always love an excuse to talk wedding.  It is my dream job after all!

On a different note, my car is finally back into my possession.  It is so nice to be driving it again! I missed it so much.  While I have never been one for naming your vehicle, I really feel like she/he? could use a name of affection.  Never have the roads been so smooth, or have I been able to reach my cruising speed on the highway!  Its been just happiness driving home from work, sun shining again finally, and blasting my favorite music while I sing like a crazy person in my own car.

Anyways wrapping up, I plan on sharing how the hubby's job search has been going and some possible plans for the future.  Happy Hump Day!

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