Monday, May 9, 2011

Anyone still there? Week Recap

Oh my gosh.  Please tell me you haven't deserted me yet! I swear I am still alive and healthy.  Nothing drastic has happened - just life.  Sometimes life just gets in the way of doing the things we planned.  I really do enjoy blogging, but lately things just have felt hectic and blogging is one of the first things to fall to the wayside.

So what has been going in the past week (cough cough week and a half) since I last posted.  Well lots of stuff.

First off I have been car-less.  Okay, maybe not car-less, but my-car-less.  I have been driving around the hubby's car since we don't want anymore damage to mine.  Insurance finally came out to estimate the damage and it was even more than what the collision center quoted us!  Pretty excited since the difference equals about what our deductible is, so that is money we don't have to shell out.  Currently, the car has been in the shop since Friday.  Meanwhile the hubby got to drive this monster around.

For those of you on facebook, no we didn't buy it (like the hubby implied by his post).  We aren't that crazy!  This was the free rental upgrade we got for the weekend. And we may or may not have decided to drive it to a softball game and had some major problems parking.  Oh well.

What else...

I finally finished the first book of the Alex Cross series by James Patteron.  Along Came a Spider has been checked out of the library every time I have looked.  So I just moved on and read the second and third in the series.  Luckily I figured out that one of my friends had it.  She let me borrow it!  Boy was it good!

I finally got to see The King's Speech.  Now I understand how it received all those awards.  It was that good, and surprisingly funny.

I learned how to play bocce ball in real life with some friends.  My only experience before has been playing it on the Wii, which I rock at!  It was fun but not what I expected.  Those bocce balls are heavy and hard to control.  The girls ended up winning against the boys because we are awesome like that!

Last Thursday...
There was a little Cinco de Mayo party at work, because who doesn't like Mexican.  I made these delicious Margarita Cupcakes.  And yes they did have tequila in them!

This is my second baking project in the past couple months that involved icing, and my second fail at making icing.  (Remember this ugly cake I made for the hubby's bday.  Scroll all the way down, you can't miss it.)  I think I need help making icing.  This time it turned more into a glaze.  If I followed the recipe correctly they would have looked like this:
(Homemade by Holman Margarita Cupcakes)

But they still tasted good so I guess it wasn't a complete fail.

I also made some corn salsa:
(Haute Apple Pie Corn Salsa)

There was also Bean Dip, Chicken Tortilla Soup, and Quesadillas.  Oh yeah and these cute sombrero cookies:

Then at home I had every intention of making tacos and real margaritas, but I ended up only making the margaritas - strawberry margaritas to be exact.
I was just so excited to finally use my margarita glasses I got at my shower last May.  In my defense, we did have some leftovers burgers along with the drinks.  We aren't alcoholics here.

What else ...
This past Friday I took a day off of work.  The hubby got us tickets to a Cardinals game in St. Louis for the evening where we met up with his best friend from home and his girlfriend.  We decided to get there early for batting practice - which is more the hubby's idea than mine.  My idea - get to St. Louis even earlier to tour the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour.  Hey it was free and you get free beer at the end!
We got to see the Clydesdale Horses and their stable
Huge barrels of beer stacked on top of each other
Learned the brewing process
And saw some of it in action:
Then I happily took my beer sample at the end (I only drank one because I was hungry but you can have two full glasses) and the hubby had his Pepsi.

Other than that, my life has been a lot of headaches, a lot of sleeping, and a lot of slacking off at the gym.

But I am back!

Let's have a good week!

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