Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First steps

Recently I have taken the plunge and made a big investment.  This is a move I have been considering a lot lately, knowing that I needed it to be motivated.  For me it was a risk, and a financial step I wasn't wanting to take.  However, many of those are excuses - I was just scared.

I bought a gym membership!
Wilson's F.I.T Location

It was just such a great opportunity I couldn't pass it up.  There was a great deal in the Add Sheet a few weeks ago, which is like a local Groupon thing for Mid-Missouri.  If you live in the area I definitely recommend signing up for their emails.  They have weekly coupons but then have "Today's Big Deal" which could be anything from 50% Lasik Eye Surgery or a good deal on a gym membership!  For my membership I got a 3 month membership for $70 including all fitness classes and access to the pool.

After going back and forth, the hubby gave me his support and encouraged me to do it.  It is the perfect commitment for us right now with the hubby job searching, and it has been something I had been looking into for months.  So far I have been really happy with my decision.  While it definitely is much smaller and not as updated as the other Wilson's locations, the people there are really nice and it is for females only.  It doesn't get as crowded, and still has everything I need in a gym.

So far I have tried two different group fitness classes:
1. BodyCombat - mixed martial arts cardio
2. Tone It Up - strength training with cardio intervals

The instructors are really fun and keep me motivated.  I love it!  I prefer to go to group fitness classes because they keep me honest.  I don't give up as easy and they are way more fun than just getting on the elliptical.

The hardest thing for me is finding the energy to go after work (I commute 40 minutes each way to work every day) and then get dinner started late.  We aren't doing frozen food anymore so it takes me longer to cook dinner.  The hubby has been so great and even started dinner for me!

I hope to consistently get my 5 days a week of exercise.  When I can't go to the gym I can always hit up my favorite at-home workout:

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