Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Living it up in LBK Part 3

In case you missed Part I and Part II of our honeymoon, check out the links.

Day 4 of our Honeymoon in Longboat Key was spent recuperating from the trip to Orlando.  Yes, it was fun but man were we worn out.  We were ready for some more beach time!  This time instead of chilling out at the private beach we did the first time, we wanted a beach with a little more life and fun activities.  Boy, did we get it!

All along the coast there were numerous beaches to choose from, but I wanted to take the advice of one of my favorite television channel (hey who can resist the Travel Channel and Ultimate Beaches!) and head down south to Siesta Key.  It was supposed to have beautiful white sandy beaches, and it sure did live up to the hype.

The sand was so fine, like sugar!  It was definitely more crowded.  We had a fun time people watching.  You find some weird people on the beaches.

The water was so clear and so warm.  Although a little freaked out at feeling tiny fish brushing against my leg, I had a blast playing in the water.

But for most of the afternoon I looked like this.

One of the things we really wanted to do while we were down in Siesta Key was go jet skiing.  From the beginning that was on the top of our list to do since neither one of us had ever jet skied before.  We did our research and found a place pretty close to the beach.  I was sad that I was unable to take my camera, but did not want to risk it getting ruined.  It was just amazing!  We didn't go in the ocean but in a waterway next to the ocean.  Along our route we saw all kinds of gorgeous houses and even saw a dolphin.  It took us a while to get used to the controls which resulted in a lot quick stopping because we got scared when it started going too quickly! By the end we had a nice coating of salt all over our body.  We both got a chance to drive it and I have to say it was one of the coolest things I have ever done.  Once we got the hang of it we really went flying.

The jet skiing really took a lot out of us.  It didn't help that we were already kind of sunburnt and being on the water for another hour only made it worse.  I have never been burnt like that on the top of my hands and let me tell you it was not comfortable!  I did manage to clean up and put on some nice clothes for our fancy dinner for the trip.  Most of the places we ate at were pretty reasonable but we indulged a bit just this one time.

The Restaurant was called the Dry Dock Waterfront Grill and was set back off the road so that you could barely find it.

 It was right on the water and we had some great seats right by the window!
In the midwest I do not like to eat seafood.  It always smells to fishy and frozen.  But out of the coast I took every opportunity to try new seafood.  I had the Blackened Chilean Sea Bass (catch of the day) and it was AMAZING!  Seriously it was the best seafood I have ever had.  Also, I had a delicious lobster bisque.  Honestly, I forgot what the hubs got because mine was that delicious!

Afterwards we walked outside the restaurant by the docks for some cool sunset pictures.

But then we realized - the sun was going down on the other side of the Key.  So we jumped into the car and rushed to the private beach we went to the first day.  We were practically running out of the car to get to the beach and we made it just in time to see the sun go down.

It was just beautiful.  Then we played around in the sand for a bit - taking pictures of our initials and other cutesy stuff people on their honeymoon do.

By the end of the day we were tired and sunburned, so we just crashed back at the house.

Only one more day left in Longboat Key, so come back to see what we did on our last day and to see why we jumped on a plane only one week after getting back from our honeymoon.

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