Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green with Kitchen Envy

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Although I am only maybe 1% Irish, you don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patty's Day.  One of my favorite aspects of this holiday is dressing up in green, one of my favorite colors.  Although looking through my closet, I barely have any green clothes anymore.  It might be time for a shopping trip ....

This new found love for the color green has been a pretty recent development.  I am not sure when I exactly decided that I loved this color and would decorate my whole house in green if I could (although it does rival my much beloved yellow and grey theme).  However, I realized it when registering for our wedding, and having the hubby point out that I am picking out a lot of green things and he doesn't particularly care for that color.  Ouch. How could he not like my favorite color, and how could I still work this color into my decor without him caring.  Hmmmm.... Ah yes, the kitchen.

The kitchen is pretty much my domain.  I do a majority of the cooking (like 99.9%) and I actually enjoy it.  While on the weekdays I enjoy simple meals, when I have the time I love to try recipes that involve zesting and my food processor.  The hubby mostly uses the microwave to heat up leftovers or makes Kraft macaroni.  So if there was one place in the house I could display my love of green, it would be there.

Right now my kitchen is not ideal for my needs and wants.  We live in a pretty small apartment and the kitchen is the smallest part about the place.  It lacks counter space, cabinet space, pantry space, and needs to be updated.
(Although I don't think I am helping much by taking bad pictures.  It is so hard to get the light right in this place.  I will figure it out eventually)

 I am just dreaming of our next place with a bigger kitchen!

One of my inspiration kitchens is over at House*Tweaking.    I love the white cabinets with modern hardware, and the butcher block island!  She even has some green accents in her kitchen!
(For this picture and more)

I also like different parts of these modern kitchens I found at HGTV

Now finally on to some green eye candy.  I already have a few green accessories but I could definitely benefit from more.  I don't even have my favorite green accessory out.
My Green Calypso Pitcher from Crate and Barrel that is hidden up in my cabinet right now.  I think I might need to find a better place for it.  (And yes we opened up wedding gifts and took pictures in the car because we are cool like that.)

So, What's on my wish list?
(Crate and Barrel)
(I love salt and pepper shakers - Pier 1)
(Mojito Glass Set on sale- I'm In! - Pier 1)
(Green Herb Pot - Pier 1)

My dining table right now is nothing to be desired.

We have been without chairs since the hubby moved out of his apartment with his friends back at school.  So we don't even eat at the table, we have dinner at the coffee table every night.  I can't wait to have a table where we can sit down and enjoy dinner together.  Maybe at a table like this:

(With a place setting like this - Pier 1)

(Or plates from World Market like this)

And some fun art prints to hang:

(Tessyla etsy)

(I don't drink tea but I love tea cups - michellechristina etsy)

(this would be fun for the dining area - pixiepixels etsy)

(might be a little bright but I love the wording - D6andco etsy)

(another wording print - ZavalicksDesigns etsy)

Was that enough green for you?

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