Friday, March 11, 2011

Music Friday: AI Reject

This week on Music Friday I want to share with you some music from a recent American Idol reject.  Tim Halperin was on this current season of American Idol and was voted off after only one week of "live" performances.  (I say "live" because I have heard the past two weeks of "live" shows have been taped in advanced.)

I loved Tim from the beginning, and especially during Hollywood Week he was amazing!  He is more talented than many of the other contestants that moved on.  Lucky for him he is already in the works for making his own album!  Although, he can not release it yet because of his contract with AI, Tim released one of his original songs for free.  You can download it off his website or listen to it here:

Here is another one of his songs with his own music video:

And for fun check out some of his Idol performances:

I really like this guy and hope he has a successful career.

Have a good weekend all!

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