Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letting the creative juices flow

Some days I just feel like I need a creative outlet for my energy.  My job is a desk job which is boring and monotonous and when I get home I like to do something artistic, which may be the reason I started this blog.  Even though I am not traditionally artsy in the drawing and painting sort of way, I like to think I am a pretty creative person, most of it centered around organization.  Although it may not seem like it, it takes a lot of creativity to find the perfect spot for everything and put things in their place.  You can't take me into a store without me eying the plastic storage containers.  Have you ever been to the Container Store?  For me that it like heaven in a store!  But organization is not fulfilling as a hobby.

In the past I have enjoyed scrapbooking.  However, I haven't done this in a while.  I have been having a hard time to stay motivated and inspired.  I feel like I resort to the same layouts, and it just seems boring to me.  Not to mention my supplies are not easy to access, so every time I want to scrapbook it is a mess getting everything out.  It seems to be I need to apply those organization skills to my scrapbooking stuff, but without the space it seems pointless right now.

So, what has been my creative outlet been since I stopped scrapbooking?  Well, I put all my efforts into wedding planning.  I made all the save-the-dates, invitations, programs, seating cards, table numbers, etc.  Not to mention DIY-ed flowers and planned all the decor myself.  But now it's been about 9 months since the wedding, and nothing has really filled that void.

Lately I have been pining over two major investments.  They have been put on my wish list for a while, even making an appearance on my wedding registry and my Christmas list.  Yet, they have yet to appear on my doorstep.

The first is .....

A sewing machine!  Yeah, I know - completely random, but I so want one.  I have seen so many cute projects around that it think I could totally handle.  Some are easy, some more complicated, but it would be fun to learn how to do this -plus you can always use a sewing machine to fix hems and buttons.  Luckily for me I have a great sister who got me a sewing kit for Christmas!  So I have been using that to fix minor problems!  Still, I want the whole thing!

The first project I plan on doing is an emergency survival clutch.  I am guilty of carrying a "mom purse" with tons of stuff in it, but would love to put it all together so I can actually find it.
Check out the tutorial on TidyMom.  She made these out of potholders!

Then eventually I would love to try my hand at quilting.  I have a bunch of t-shirts I have saved from my childhood and college with the intention of making a t-shirt quilt, which I think might still be at my parents house, maybe?

Recently I saw this quilt and fell in love. I must have this!

The second big item I have been dying for is a Digital SLR camera!

I have been using a basic point and shoot camera forever now! Mine has even crapped out a bit (I got it for my 16th birthday) so I have taken it upon me to claim the hubby's as mine own.  It is a nice camera but I feel so one dimensional. 

I have always been drawn to photography.  It just seems so real and easier to appreciate and understand.  For a while in high school, I experimented with photography and Photoshop.  I even helped start the photography club at my school.  Since then I let it fall to the wayside, along with other things.  I would love to get back into it, and really explore it more.  Understand the basics of focusing, lenses, and lighting to make my pictures better.  Yes, I understand they are not exactly cheap, but everyone has their splurges!

So, if you are willing to donate to the Sarah needs a sewing machine and SLR camera cause, please message me for my address!  I will gladly give it to you!

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