Friday, March 4, 2011

Look Mom, I'm Famous!

One of the regular posts I am thinking about sharing, is some of the music that really inspires/entertains me.  I mean who doesn't enjoy music - I sure do! I have been known to break out into random song at any point during the day, and I am sure the people who drive next to me on the highway get a pretty entertaining show.

In all seriousness, music is something that really resonates with us all.  There is nothing like hearing that one song that perfectly fits with where your life is at the moment.  Or the therapeutic feeling you get belting out your favorite song.  Lately I feel like I have really neglected that side of me.  In high school I did chorus and musical theater, and was really into exploring music.  However when you grow up and are busy with life you forget about things that give you that kind of happiness.
(Yes, that is me as Deborah Sue in Bye Bye Birdie)

Well, I am done with being so caught up with work and bills that I want to get back to enjoying things that I love - I'm not even that old!  I hope that making this a regular thing, it will encourage me to keep exploring and connecting to music.  Not all of it will necessarily be new.  I think it is also important to discover older music and re-discover music you once loved.

The song I want to share this week is personal - partially because I am in the music video ... kind of....

Sara Bareilles - Uncharted

Click on the above link to check it out.

While I haven't heard too much of Sara Bareilles' music, what I have heard is awesome!  This is a new one she just came out with  and the tune is just so catchy.  I just want to lip sync along with the video and dance around.  It's on her new album, Kaleidoscope Heart (and by "new" I mean September), which I can't wait to listen to.

Just see what Sara says about the song on her website:
"This is about being a fan of people who take chances, who are fearless, who have integrity, and go off into the world saying yes to what's around them. It's filled with some of the people in my life who do that everyday. "
How can you not enjoy a song like that?

So how am I in the music video?  Well when the hubby took me to see Ben Folds at the end of January, the night the snowpocalypse began (hey, once we get concert tickets we are dedicated to going), Ben was filming a few videos with the crowd.  One of those videos was supposed to be part of the music video for "Uncharted".  Within the past few days they released the video and sure enough, the shots from the concert are in the video.  We are pretty far back on the left side, but the Hubby swears he can see my hair, haha!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I haven't been able to get it out of my head the past few days!

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