Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four Eyed Adventure

I am a contact wearer, and have been since the 5th grade.  To me they are much more convenient.  I hate how limiting glasses can be and there are activities that I can't stand doing in glasses:

  • Driving in the dark
  • Driving in the rain
  • Playing sports
  • Cleaning the house
  • Cooking
  • Pretty much anything that requires me to be standing up
You get the picture.  In fact, I struggled to even find a picture of me in glasses.  Partially because of the infrequency that I wear them, and partially because I hate being photographed in glasses.  Hence the only picture I could find is from a few years back where you can't see my entire face.
Yes, that is some roomie love going on in my bed.

Recently, I have really been wanting to update my glasses.  I have been wearing them more lately, especially when I am tired in the mornings.  Sometimes you just need to give your eyes a rest.

I am really digging these:

Or maybe these

Clearly I am interested in something a little bolder and with some thicker frames.  I am not sure if I could pull off this look.  So I tested Pearle Vision's Try It On Tool.  What do you think?

With a little funky color?

Or a lot of funky color?

Square Shape?

Or Rounded?

Personally I think think I look goofy in all of those pictures, but that might just be because I have a weird smile.  Anyways I hope to make a trip to the eyeglass store to get some new goodies!


  1. hmmm, it all depends how they look in real life. It's hard to decide with the photoshopped images how they will fall on your face (for example, usually you want to be able to see your eyebrows).

    yeah, i like cooking in my contacts. i find i can chop onions no-problemo in contacts.

    hehe... you shouldn't be wearing glasses while playing sports... you should be wearing RECSPECS!!!!! (if there's flying objects -incl. elbows- involved).

    that is so exciting though!! i've had my glasses since sophomore? year of high school. i'm super jeal. have fun picking out a pair!


  2. kiki - yeah, the photos don't really do that well of a job since they look kind of fake. i cant wait to try some actual ones on! its been forever! and you know i love your recspecs!